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Date: 11/6/2020
Subject: LOC: New Hikes Being Added Regularly
From: Lambton Outdoor Club

Hiking Interest Group:
As you are aware, LOC started back up our activities during this Covid-era in a cautious and controlled manner to ensure the safety of all, and part of this includes respecting the comfort level of our leaders and maintaining reasonable group sizes.
To match the current demand our Tuesday hike coordinator and our Hiking Committee chair have been recruiting volunteers and adding new events on a regular basis. We'll try to notify you when new events are added, but we don't want to inundate you with too much email either. So I recommend checking the website regularly for new events.
We're adding more events to our regular schedule and are trying a new concept mostly brought on by the amazing weather we are currently experiencing: a "popup walk" where leaders volunteer on short notice to lead a group on a short, local walk. 
I encourage you to check the website regularly and for the best experience, log in and open the full schedule on the Events and Calendar menu where you can view events in list view or grid view, a more traditional monthly calendar view. The Upcoming Events list on the home page is a "widget" and more of a sneak preview of what's coming up, whereas the full schedule will give you a better overall picture.
On another note, a huge thank you to the extra volunteers who have stepped up recently to help the club provide more events and more capacity when we can't just have unlimited numbers as we did in the past. Your volunteerism and efforts are helping tremendously. 
Get outside - stay safe!
Chris Richmond, on behalf of our hiking organizers