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Date: 1/7/2019
Subject: January 2019 e-Newsletter
From: Lambton Outdoor Club

Lambton Outdoor Club
  January 2019 e-Newsletter

New Year’s Day with LOC

A brisk but snowless 2019 was greeted in traditional style by over 60 members and guests who  attended the urban hike, pot luck dinner and presentation. Doug Winch and Greg Hogan led  hikers through deserted streets to the waterfront and then back to All Saints Anglican Church for the tantalizing spread. Once again the talented and resourceful chefs brought forth finger licking appetizers, rib-sticking mains including meatballs, chilli and delicious curried fruit, warming spiced soups and sensible salads. The dessert table bowed under its load of cakes, pies, squares and Christmas treats. And did I mention Ice cream?  Thanks to Judy, Joan R, Joan E and Sharon for helping in the kitchen.

Doug Winch generously contributed two jars of his special honey, lovingly collected from local hives and his hard working bees for door prizes, and in addition members walked into the new year with gift cards from Tim’s, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine.

Phil Vallance won $90 from the 50/50 draw, the balance being donated to Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue in Oil Springs, a cause championed by our President, Les McDermott.  “Heaven's Wildlife Rescue is a volunteer-based organization that cares for sick, injured, orphaned or displaced native Ontario wildlife, with the ultimate goal of returning them back to the wild. They do not accommodate birds or deer.

On a lighter note, Sharon Crowe penned an anthem for LOC, sung to the rousing chords of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Talented Tessa Catton accompanied this impromptu sing along on piano, led by Sharon and Shelley Ambrose, with members joining the chorus, “Glory! Glory! Glory! LOC Club”.

Breaking all the guidelines, Grandpas Mike Tanner and John Damoiseaux entertained and informed the audience with an hour long travelogue of pictures, stories and insights gathered in their 80 day coast to coast ride across Canada.

Members wandered into the night and the new year well pleased. It was a great way to see familiar faces, meet new people and to fondly contemplate the year ahead. A small bonus, Louis Pin from the Observer came to cover the event and write a generous article  on a “slow news day”. We’ll take all the help we can get.

Mike Tanner, Newsletter editor

The Joy of an Impromptu Outing
Calendars and schedules are great in that they allow you to look ahead and plan ahead. But unfortunately with events scheduled in advance, we are always at the mercy of the weather. That is the beauty of the impromptu event; check the weather, take note of good weather/conditions, decide to go in the next day or so and get the info out quickly to those with flexible schedules who might want to join you.
LOC executed just such an event this month with great success. Our president Les McDermott saw a warm, sunny day on the radar and decided he would hike the trails of Lambton Heritage Forest and see if any others might want to join him. He used one of the Forums on our new website (Hiking Meetups) as a means to advise others. As a result, three others joined him for a great hike on a beautiful day.
If you are not familiar with the Forums, here's how it works. When you join or renew members are asked to indicate their Interest Groups. As an example, if you've checked off HIKING, you are automatically a part of the Hiking forums. There are two ways to be aware that something has been added to a forum: log in and under Forums menu check the forums to see what is going on there OR you can turn on the email for a forum and you will receive an email when someone posts something there.
For something like an impromptu hike, ride, paddle, or ski/snowshoe, turning on the emails makes most sense so that you don't miss the boat so to speak. These usually happen at the last minute when a member sees good weather or perfect conditions now or soon, and wants to take advantage. If you log in to the website once a week or less to check the forums you would miss these opportunities. Email is the best way to be notified.
We would like to bring a couple Meetups to your attention now, as winter approaches: Hiking Meetups, and Winter Meetups which replaces the old Skimail system we used in the past. If you would like to be included and hear about these last minute adventures at this time of year it's easy:
  1. Make sure you are logged in and click Forums menu > Forums
  2. Click Hiking Meetups or Winter Meetups
  3. Click 'My Forum Preferences' button
  4. Under 'Message Delivery' section click:
         Send Forum Messages To Me Via Email
         Rich Formatting (recommended)
  5. Click Save at bottom of screen
Now when someone creates a new "Thread" listing a last minute outing, you will receive an email. You can reply to the email or you could go to the forum on the website, and hit Reply there to the thread. Keep in mind that everyone who has turned on the emails for that forum will see your reply, so keep it brief and try not to chit-chat too much (multiple replies) with the sender or others may get many emails.

(There are ways at a higher level to turn the emails on for all forums, but I think it's better to evaluate each separately, decide if you want email from that forum and then turn on the email.)
There is much more to be learned about Forums; check out the FAQs on the website if interested. If you have any issues with setting your email preferences contact:
Submitted by: Chris Richmond
 Impromptu fun on an impromptu hike (Rod, Les, Joan)

LOC Memories

Lambton Outdoor Club (LOC) has given me a trunk load of memories. From the moment I came home from an annual meeting as new president – many years ago – to the present, there were many memorable outings with wonderful people. I have been lucky in being able to enjoy the full complement of what LOC has to offer.

At the executive level there was the experience of working with many highly dedicated members, who made it their priority to give members what they wanted. In a way LOC is four clubs – hiking, cycling, paddling, winter activities, who are united through a common interest of enjoying the outdoors. The social committee had the special task of periodically bringing these miniclubs together to share.

Hiking the Bruce Trail in its early years had many pleasurable moments. I helped map the trail in the Bruce peninsula, and measure distances using just the front end of a bicycle with an attached odometer. Shortly after the trail had been officially opened in 1967, we hiked from Tobermory to Dyer`s Bay. The trail along the Bruce peninsula escarpment was then along stone beaches, just on the water`s edge, where the escarpment plunged directly into the water, then up top for a change. Cyprus Lake park was not yet, so few people saw the famous Grotto. It was camp out all the way. The trail ran along the bottom of Cabot Head and included Wingfield basin, which teemed with wildlife. These two are now bypassed.  Eventually, in bits and pieces, I did the whole trail. But this was before such a feat became an LOC goal. The trail has changed a lot over the years due mainly to relocation, effected through loss of trespass, which was caused by vandalism or carelessness.  Fortunately the current trail is adequate for the greater majority. For me the most memorable LOC hikes were along the La Cloche trail in Killarney Provincial Park. This involved eight days of backpacking on an 80km circular trail along the La Cloche range of white quartzite mountains, offering magnificent vistas of the lakes and white quartzite mountains. I’ve done this three times. Once solo and twice as an LOC hike.

I also has the pleasure of doing much cycling in the club. What I enjoyed the most were the out of town trips such as in Ottawa, Michigan, and recently the Waterfront Trails along the great lakes. Wonderful camaraderie , and going at a pace to enjoy the  ever changing scenery. The sore bums were worth it. 

Paddling in Killarney Park was always my favourite I never got enough of the crystal clear lakes hugged by the white Quartzite mountains. The park offers a great variety of options while traveling on quiet waters, camping and portaging along the way. It really is one of Ontario’s most beautiful parks.

Finally we come to winter activities, which was my specialty. Every year for some 30 years I organized trips in February, which involved tenting out or using yurts, and travel by xskiing or snowshoeing. These were all very special trips also dealing with the science of keeping comfortable at subzero temperatures and eating well.  Between Tobermory and Dyer`s Bay we traveled along the ice shelf at the bottom of the escarpment, and  visited the Grotto in Cyprus lake park, a truly awesome sight. The head-on view of the escarpment in the winter was seen by very few. We also took the Algoma train from Sault Ste Marie for snowshoe and camp out trips along the Montreal River, and the Agawa canyon, where we often sighted playful otters.  Algonquin Park provided some spectacular xskiing with warm up huts along the way, and enjoying the comforts of warm yurts. Above all my favourite winter trips were those in Killarney Provincial Park. The scenery was always awesome. There was the vista when on Killarney Lake, moonlight trips, views from the Crack, and ascent of several peaks.  Sitting around the campfire and chatting was always special.  Closer to home we had many trips along the frozen Ausable River near Arkona, with special winter scenery.

Now in my octogenarian stage I can reminisce, and wish I could do it all again. Thank you LOC for all you have given me.

Submitted by: Fern Noel

LOC Winter Get-Away

The winter committee is planning a several-day trip to Haliburton, Ontario. We will be leaving Sarnia, Sunday February 10, returning Wednesday February 13. We'll be staying at the Pinestone Inn and Spa. There's plenty to do in the area if you enjoy cross country skiing, snowshoeing or just relaxing. Sir Sams is nearby for downhill skiers. There are ski loops for every ability level. So far nearly twenty members are planning to go, and we'll be carpooling. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Brian Seabrook at 519-542-2015 or email at or Lori Clancy at 519-862-5198 or email at

We will be having another meeting on Monday January 7 at 7:00pm to organize further details. The meeting will be at Brian Seabrook’s  house:  730 Lakeshore Rd. Sarnia.

Lambton Outdoor Club Anthem

The hike it made me weary but my friends they urged me on
They said that soon the rocks and roots and rain would all be gone

So many cheery spirits, they could surely not be wrong
My feet went hiking on.


Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!  
We all go hiking on.


I skied across the hills of snow, my feet were getting cold 
My mitts were wet, my fingers numb, my poles were hard to hold
Hang in there all my friends advised, they said I should be bold
My legs went skiing on.


Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!  
We all go skiing on.


I rode my bike for miles and miles, my bum it was on fire

The hills went up and up and up, and evermore went higher

My friends they said this sure is fun, I think they all are liars

And still I pedalled on.


Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!  
We all go biking on.


My paddle it went back and forth, I thought my arms would break

Mosquitos bit, my back it ached, but no moan did I make

My stern man gave a joyous smile, he loves to cross the lake

My arms they paddled on.


Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!  
We all go paddling on.


The glories of this outdoor club, they sometimes are a trial

But things we do, and friends we find, they make it all worth while

For every single one of you, I’ll go the extra mile

We all go smiling on.


Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!
Glory! Glory! LOC Club!  

We all go smiling on.


Submitted by: Sharon Crowe

2019 LOC Council
Back row: Mike Tanner Past President, Les McDermott President, Brian Seabrook Winter Activities, Rod Richmond Treasurer
Front row: Cynthia MacNeil Cycle Chair, Judy Mahoney Paddling, Chris Richmond Media, Joan Elliott Secretary
Absent: Larry Suffield Membership

A Word/PDF version of this Newsletter which can be downloaded and is easier to print can be found here;
Hike, Paddle, Ride... Smile!

Lambton Outdoor Club | P.O. Box 653 | Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7J7