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Date: 2/4/2019
Subject: LOC: February 2019 e-Newsletter
From: Lambton Outdoor Club

Lambton Outdoor Club
  February 2019 e-Newsletter

My Impromptu Ski Adventure


In the last e-Newsletter (January 2019), our Webmaster, Chris Richmond, provided an excellent introduction to the Forums section of our amazing website entitled “The Joy of an Impromptu Outing”. As she indicated, members who might like to at least be made aware of, and possibly participate in, various outdoor activities being arranged at the last minute to take advantage of ideal conditions should register their interest in the appropriate “Meetups” (e.g. “Winter Activities”) section under Forums on the website. It’s easy and very efficient.


Well, in the hope that you downhill skiers might have liked a ride to experience something we haven’t really had so far this year i.e. snow, I posted the opportunity on Monday, January 7th that I would be leaving about noon the next day to take advantage of a discounted Stay/Ski program at Boyne Highlands in northern Michigan. As expected, only one person, Lori Clancy, even responded indicating that only a prior commitment prevented her from joining me.


My drive took only about 4.5 hours covering about 550 km in almost perfect weather and road conditions. I didn’t spot any snow until after about 3 hours when it also started raining. One of the best parts of this drive up the I-75 freeway is the very clean Rest Areas spaced about every 40 miles on average, as well as lots of places to stop for food or gas.


When I arrived at the Resort, snow conditions could be best described as slushy – less than ideal for skiing. However, they say “timing is everything”. It turned cold and so snowy overnight and the next day that the grooming machines couldn’t keep up with it, providing me with my first enjoyable opportunity to ski in what is generally referred to as “powder”.


Many of you may know that I only took up downhill skiing at my advanced age last year, and so just about everything is a new experience for me. So, I generally start conservatively by tackling the easiest “green” runs before moving on to the more difficult “blue” runs. And, no, I have no interest at this point of challenging the “black diamond” more expert slopes.


The only downside of the three days I spent on the hills was the incessant cold temperature and wind. The average temperature of -15C quickly became more uncomfortable with the 20-25 km wind gusts. Keeping my hands comfortable became my greatest challenge even with hand warmers inserted in my mitts.


As for the Boyne Highlands Resort, I can’t say enough about how well everything is maintained and how pleasant all the employees were. Even the staff handling the ski lifts were very helpful. My room was initially unusable by me due to a nicely designed but relatively low peaked ceiling above the bed which threatened to give me a concussion every time I got up. With apologies, the resort gave me a mini-suite.


After breakfast on the third day, I decided to investigate, on Lori Clancy’s strong recommendation, Nub’s Nob, a ski facility just down the road. Not only do they apparently have more ski runs and ski lifts than Boyne Highlands, they don’t charge for lift tickets for those age 70 and over. Needless to say, I took advantage of free service and found the experience quite enjoyable. It is a much more informal family-oriented facility. Although they don’t have overnight accommodations, several reasonably priced hotels are located less than a half hour drive in either Harbor Springs or Petosky. I will likely frequent Nub’s in the future.


All in all, my three-day ski experience was most worthwhile and I will likely return from time to time – especially mid-week when only about 10% of the capacity is utilized. However, that won’t happen now until mid-February after my 10-day ski trip with the Bluewater Ski Club to Panorama in B.C (more on that next month.


While I will once again post an offer from time to time to join me on the Winter Activities Meetup section of our website Forums section, only those of you who register to receive email notices of my intention will ever get the chance to come along. Same situation applies to those who might be interested in impromptu hikes, cycling or paddling opportunities. Don’t miss out!



Submitted by Les McDermott

President Les ready for action
Snowy Chairlift at Boyne

Remembering Carole Buck

Carole Buck sadly passed away just before Christmas. She attended the first meeting of LOC and was an outdoor lover with a passion for hiking and birding. She parlayed these activities with many hiking outings with LOC, including the entire Bruce Trail TWICE, and trips with birding enthusiasts to five continents. She was an active member of Lambton Wildlife, and on hikes, when the rest of us were mystified by a distant bird call, she would cock her head, identify the bird and point on its general direction, where upon it would magically appear. She was a quiet hiker, with a deep fount of knowledge, and although never seeking to impress, would always share her experiences. Carole loved the LOC camping weeks and would usually find a berth with a friend. She was active behind the scenes and served on several committees and would share her opinions when club business was on the agenda. She will be missed by members who knew her on the trail, and many personal friends, but especially her west coast daughters Karen and Cynthia to whom we offer sincere condolences.

Mike Tanner


Kathryn Gabriel shared these memories..

When Carole hiked the trails she always had a couple of plastic bags in her backpack which she used to pick up garbage that others had left on the trail – empty pop cans, cigarette cartons or cigarette ends, candy wrappers etc.

I remembered when we were camping at Tea Lake in Algonquin Park with the LOC, she said she always kept her tent, sleeping bag, blanket and everything she might possibly need in case she decided to spend the night in some park she may have been in that day, maybe to catch the  Dawn Chorus first thing in the morning.    I learned more about birds from Carole and she always replied to my emails if I had a birding question. She was a loyal and caring friend for years to Mary Harman and when Mary moved to London, Carole visited her regularly and kept in close touch with her until Mary, passed, and was like one of Mary’s family. I have many happy memories of a week spent in Costa Rica with Carole, Betty Harding, and Rose Crowell, and another time In Cuba with the same friends.

Carole’s binoculars were always attached to her… and she was always the first to spot a bird. For many years I enjoyed the company of the WEDNESDAY WALKERS, and Breakfast under the Bridge every year at the Macinac Boat Races, with the same foursome as previously mentioned. Carole will be sorely missed by all her friends.

Kathryn Gabriel

Carole enjoying a rest and view on the Bruce
Ronnie Kevan and Carole at an LOC social

The New Social Chair

Hello fellow LOC members. 

It seems that I’m to be the Social Coordinator for a little while.  Mike tells me it’s easy, but somehow I think I should be a little sceptical.  On the other hand I’m comfortable with organizing, and even made a living by it for a while, most recently at the Huron House Boys’ Home where I was events coordinator for almost 10 years, until my retirement in September. 

I’ve been a LOC member since 2009 (so the website tells me), but mostly my personal activities haven’t allowed me to be a frequent participant in LOC activities.  Presumably that will change somewhat now.  In fact the list of hiking, skiing, cycling and paddling excursions I want to do is endless. I think I’m going to have to live a long time to fit them all in.  Amongst them all I look forward to spending time with you, and doing my bit to keep this great club vibrant and fulfilling as we all go smiling on.


Sharon Crowe

Iowa is Calling

Even though it’s the depths of Winter, a crazy bunch of LOC Cyclists are planning to join twenty thousand others to journey across the cornfields of Iowa this summer. This will be the fourth year that a contingent has joined RAGBRAI, the 700km week long ride from Jul 21-28 If you are intrigued, interested or just slightly crazy, there is still time to join this year’s adventure, but don’t delay. The event is always oversubscribed, and final choice is made by a lottery. This is a great ride which an average cyclist with grit can accomplish (believe me), but more so it is an amazing life experience which cannot be adequately described, think a linear carnival where you are both entertained and the entertainer. If you are interested call me or Sharon Crowe


Mike Tanner 519 312 3030

The long and open road has a few hills
Each village we pass through hosts food, drink and entertainment

Tuesday Easy Hikes

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!

I am looking for hike leaders for any of the Tuesday Easy Hikes. These are all short hikes up to 6 km max and no longer than two hours at a very easy pace, all are with-in the Sarnia area. Hikes with a short drive time of 15 minutes maximum are preferred.

I am trying to plan the Tuesday hikes schedule through to June 2019, and was wondering if any of you would like to volunteer to lead one or more of the hikes. If you have never led a hike before, and would like to give it a try, I can help you through it. This is a perfect way to get into leading hikes. I have route maps for all the hikes. I have attached below a list of some suggested routes along with the meeting locations. If you have some more suggestions or a favorite hike that you would like to do, feel free to send them to me.

Please let me know if you would like to lead any of the Tuesday dates. Your help on this will be very much appreciated.

If you don't want to lead, come out and join us anyway for a nice social outing. See website for details.

You can contact me at: or Ph 519-542-1578.

Thank you...Tony Arnold....Tuesday Hike coordinator



Meeting Point

Wawanosh Wetlands

Wawanosh Parking Lot

Suncor Trail & Wawanosh

Modeland Road Parking Lot

Blackwell Trails

Tennis Courts Parking Lot

Suncor Trail and Rapides Parkway Trail

Modeland Road Parking Lot

Canatara Park - Tarzan Land & Lake Chipican.

Animal Farm Parking Lot

Dow Wetlands

Eastland Plaza Parking Lot

Canatara Park - Animal farm to Casino

Animal Farm Parking Lot

Centennial Waterfront to Rainbow Park

Agora Stage Parking Lot

Howard Watson Trail -Any part.

Various (by leader)

Hertitage Park & Settlement Ponds

End of Wellington Street

Mike Weir Park and Old Lakeshore Road

Mike Weir Park

Perch Creek

Eastland Plaza Parking Lot

Mike Weir Park to Camp Saradaca

Camp Saradaca, Blackwell Road


"Paddling Film Festival"

Breaking News!

Save the date, Saturday May 4th the LOC Paddling Section is bringing the Paddling Film Festival World Tour to Sarnia. Venue will be Theatre Forty Two, 900 Devine Street. Watch the website for news and to book your ticket.  

Hike, Paddle, Ride... Smile!

Lambton Outdoor Club | P.O. Box 653 | Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7J7