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Date: 1/31/2020
Subject: January 2020 e-Newsletter
From: Lambton Outdoor Club

Lambton Outdoor Club
  January 2020 e-Newsletter

Winter Fun

Our first outing of the year started off on the shaky side. Two weeks before we were to leave, the weather turned mild and the snow disappeared from the Gaylord, Michigan area. We had rented two houses beside each other that we cancelled so we wouldn't lose any money. One week later, the weather was cold and the Gaylord area had plenty of snow. We rebooked the houses and twelve of us went cross-country skiing and snowshoeing from January 12- 15. 

The first night some of us went to Aspen Park; a treed municipal park close to our accommodation. The trails were lit and groomed, perfect for a warm up.

The next day at Neil Holloway's suggestion we went to Forbush Corner. Forbush Corner, a private not for profit ski area, had something for everyone's ability level. They even had snow making capabilities. We stayed there the whole day. I think we would have returned the next day but it was closed mid-week. On Tuesday, three ladies went to Nub's Knob down-hill skiing, three others went to Aspen Park. The remainder went to Michaywe' Resort, a golf resort with groomed cross-country trails during the winter. On our way back after our day's outing, we went to Gaylord City Elk Park where we viewed a herd of elk up close.

The houses we rented had a full kitchen where we made breakfasts and reheated crock pot suppers made at home. We made our own lunches and ate those in comfortable, heated facilities at the ski areas. 

In the evenings, everyone enjoyed the camaraderie, whether it was talking, playing Scrabble or watching TV.

After breakfast on Wednesday everyone packed up and headed home.


Winter Chair....Brian Seabrook

                       Apres ski is the best
                  Neil on the trail

New Year’s Day Hike
It’s official. With the completion of the annual January 1st Lambton Outdoor Club hike and potluck supper, the new year has begun. If the day’s activities, weather and the general pleasant time had by all in any way predicts the future, then 2020 will be an excellent year for our adventures.
Highlights included: very nice walks led by Doug Winch and Greg Hogan, Nico Van Dyl making his inaugural appearance as Club vice president by performing emcee duties with a natural ease, and of course everybody’s excellent meal contributions. We once again enjoyed a rousing chorus of our unofficial Club theme song accompanied by Tessa Catton on the piano and rounding it all off were John and Margaret Lovegrove with excellent slide show and story telling featuring a cycling trip by eight club members in Germany.
We are still looking for the owner of a pair of brown Keen hiking boots that were left behind.

Social Chair....Sharon Crowe

       LOC ready for the New Year
         Beautiful day by the River

LOC Skates
Membership of the Lambton Outdoor Club offers some intriguing possibilities, and with the idea of “if you can dream it, they will come”, several members joined Chris and Rod Richmond, and Brian and Jan Seabrook for free skating at Clearwater Arena, courtesy of the city. They plan to repeat over the Winter, so dust off those skates and join the fun.
               Brian and Jan on ice
      Rod and Chris taking a break

Notes from Council
Even though a segment of the club hibernates or heads South, your diligent Council slogs through the bleak winter hard at work keeping the wheels turning, so to speak. We met in January at Landmark Village, and even though the optics of convening in a retirement home are questionable, the price is right, with coffee and treats included (always a priority). In no way are these the Minutes of Meeting, more this roving reporter’s unofficial guide.

Treasurer, Rod Richmond, reported that the finances are in good shape, little changed with $6,313 in the bank, so far, the change in membership structure has had no noticeable effect.

Membership secretary, Phil Vallance, reported membership at 272, with 11 new members recently. He has also added a new information page on the website for new members. Whilst the new membership procedure automatically ensures that waivers are signed, there is still a grey area for prospective members trying the club, and for those quasi events that are advertised but not sanctioned. The website has a “forum” section which can be used for members who participate to be informed of short notice meet ups, but it is not utilised. More work is required.

Hiking Chair, Louise Gibson, reported that the Hiking Group has leaders for upcoming outings, but still needs more people to volunteer for this role.

The cycling and paddling sections are awaiting Spring to launch their schedules. Media Chair, Chris Richmond, reported that traditional publicity appears in local print media, the new LOC “rack card” is placed in local outlets and public spaces, and business cards are available for any member who wants to spread the word. Our Facebook page has been revised, and a member only page created.

The Social committee is planning a Spring event, roll on April.

Council will meet again on April 20

Mike Tanner
If you have ever had the urge to kick the traces, shove the job and take off into the wild blue yonder, then read on. If the prospect of a world trek on a backpacking shoestring fires your imagination, or experiencing it vicariously, read on. At 25, my wife and I made the same choice as Joe Crowe, son of members Sharon and Dave, who with partner Courtney are one year into this adventure, and you can follow their insightful and humorous blog at
As a teaser, here is the couple’s introduction
Each and every time anyone takes a trip, for a weekend or a world tour, we are all inevitably struck with one age old question… Should I Pack Pants?
As we all know there are two primary, contradicting facts binding this conundrum:
Fact 1 – pants are stoopid and nobody should wear pants unless absolutely necessary
Fact 2 – sometimes it’s chilly
In order to aid the world through this difficult decision we have selflessly volunteered to go to a bunch of places to check them out for unpantworthiness. We feel this will be especially useful for:
a) time travellers who go back to do the exact same thing we did (are doing?) on the same day (our target audience)
b) possibly other people…

Suggested by Sharon Crowe, Embellished by Mike Tanner

Adventure Reports
One of the engaging facets of the Lambton Outdoor Club is that our members travel the world seeking new adventures on foot, by bike or in a canoe. People are gracious enough to share their stories when requested, but humble enough not to brag. These tales inspire others to seek their own far flung destinations and try new challenges. I know that is what fired my own long-distance road trips.
The Newsletter is a perfect way to share your story and take this as a personal invitation to use these pages for your travelogue. I am not looking for English majors, simply 500 words or less describing your experiences with some highlights, misfortunes and what made an impact. Add a couple of pictures, including at least one memorable snap of you, and you will be published. If you know of someone planning a trip, please remind them of this opportunity. You will be surprised at the feedback and interest from club members. It is one of the things that makes us a community. At least that is my opinion,

Mike Tanner Newsletter Editor

Spring Social
Sunday May 3rd
Point Edward Optimist Hall
5pm Social, 6pm Roast Beef Dinner
7pm Hiking the Camino Trail with Phil Vallance
Register On Line $20 by April 30th

Hike, Paddle, Ride... Smile!

Lambton Outdoor Club | P.O. Box 653 | Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7J7