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Date: 7/2/2020
Subject: Paddling Group News
From: Lambton Outdoor Club

Paddling Enthusiasts:
It's been a long since a paddle event listed on the website.... but have a look!  There's one there now.  Look to the home page for the news about starting some trial events under new guidelines intended to manage the Covid-19 risk.
For paddling,  the guidelines require that participants are capable of self-rescue in the event of a capsize.  The first one or two paddle events will start off with an opportunity to practice your self-rescue, and will held at Mitchell's Bay where the water is over 23 C.  
The paddlefloat self-rescue is easy to learn on your own, and Mitchell's Bay is a great place to work on it.  Here's some links to reminders of the "paddle float" self-rescue technique for kayakers, along with some links to where you can get a paddlefloat if you need one.
Three instructional sites:
Places to get a paddle float:
For canoists, there are similar self-rescue methods you can look up online.